UK Blues Today – 2013

Is the world ready for another album of Rory Gallagher covers? I think, after you’ve heard this latest offering from the recently formed The G-Men, you’ll agree that it is.

So what’s the difference I hear you cry, well, for a start the usual power rock trio is augmented by keyboards giving all the songs that little extra edge and a fuller sound, whether its organ or piano.

The G-Men are Mark Bond, guitar and vocals, Bert Bond, Bass, Ben Walton on drums and Paul French, keyboards.

This is a double CD and contains fifteen tracks including concert favourites, “Tatoo’d Lady”, “Shadow Play” and “Million Miles Away”, which runs to over ten minutes as does their working of “Walk On Hot Coals”.

CD 1 rocks straight into Shin Kicker and sets you up for a great listen and before you know where you are you’re into “Laundromat”. Slower numbers are also included such as “Calling Card” and “I Fall Apart” which starts off with just vocals and piano.

Added touches that really work are the Hendrix-esque opening to “Heaven’s Gate” and the Nut Rockin’ bit of  Tchaikovsky added at the end of the title track “Follow Me”.

A lot of hard work has gone into this album particularly the guitar parts and piano arrangements, in summary a great album to listen to all the way through, especially if you like your Blues Rocking Rory with a capital R.

Paul Stiles